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How do you protect yourself from harm?

The only way to protect and regenerate your *real* self is the integrity and love described in the Armor of God. Whether or not you’re a Christian or think all spirituality is woo-woo nonsense, these values: honesty, justice, peacefulness, broader perspective, trust, and discernment are the only things that will bring you true security in this world.

Learning how to Learn Pt 1

True understanding–necessary for painting flowers, creating trusting relationships, and achieving any real spiritual insight–takes as long as it takes.

Divinity, Humanity, and Desire

Growing up, I really struggled with the idea that Jesus could be 100% human and 100% God. This article describes information that has given me insight into Christ’s complete humanity and Divinity.

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Black and white ink drawing of Christ purging the temple by Luca Giordano

Christlike Rioting

God/Divinity/Source lives in us, making us Their/His/Her/Its temple. To murder, brutalize, or otherwise exploit another human being is to desecrate God’s temple and disrespect a Creator that expresses Themself through us.


I hope to analyze scripture in a way that provides practical insight into how to connect with God and create a super dope world. Expect Biblical study, resource sharing, calls to action (if you have community initiatives to promote, please feel free to send them my way!), and lots o’ love & encouragement.

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