I find myself having a lot of conversations and thoughts about God, specifically through a Christian understanding. I figured it might be interesting/beneficial to document and share those somewhere.

Personal history with Christianity:
I’ve been deeply interested in spirituality for my entire life, and have always believed in some Divine force. I was brought up in a Christian home, and until college every school I attended was a private Christian institution of varying degrees of conservative-ness. Fortunately, my little queer self had supportive parents who prioritized faith over dogma and curiosity over uncritical acceptance. Unfortunately, the amount of judgement I encountered from Christian authority figures in my school and church led me to depart from my faith when I graduated high school.
I was reintroduced to Christ in 2018 from a perspective different from anything I’d been previously exposed to, and–after a truly bizarre scorpio new moon–I re-committed myself to Christ. In June-ish 2019, the same friend who reintroduced me to Christ challenged me to read the Bible cover to cover. Over the course of the following year I did, finishing in May 2020. 

To say that I learned a lot over the course of that year is a wild understatement, which is why this blog exists.

What you can expect from my writing:
I hope to analyze scripture in a way that provides practical insight into how to connect with God and create a super dope world. Expect Biblical study, resource sharing, calls to action (if you have community initiatives to promote, please feel free to send them my way!), and lots o’ love & encouragement. There will be some diversions from God-talk, but that’s the heart of this site, obviously.
I really hope that what I write impacts you in some way, even if it evokes indignation. Reach out to me through the contact page if you have any questions or comments that you don’t want to leave on the website.

Why Card Carrying Christian?
Because I read Tarot cards, which I’ve been known to carry around.
And I’m a 100% registered Christian.

I don’t have a posting schedule at the moment, so if this writing sounds interesting to you, please subscribe for email notifications.

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